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Monday Spot (27 March 2017)

Yesterday’s morning meeting was led by Major Judy Schultz on Mothering Sunday and Major Nigel led the meeting at Strood in the morning and at Chatham in the evening.

Judy & Nigel Schultz (Medium)  Majors Nigel and Judy Schultz

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Sunday Meetings (26 March)

Meetings this Sunday will be led by Major Judith Schultz at 10.00 am and Major Nigel Schultz at 6.00 pm.  The Mothers Day morning meeting will include the dedication by Major Drew McCombe of his grandson.

Drew 002 (Small) (Medium)   Major Drew McCombe 

  Majors Judith & Nigel Schultz

Here’s where we are if you would like to come.  You will be most welcome.

map general (Medium)  map location (Medium)

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British Summer Time begins on Sunday


Don’t be late for the meeting on Sunday morning.

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Mothering Sunday celebrations at Mainly Music

Susan Willard, leader of the Toddler groups at the Corps, reports as follows:

Sue Willard (Medium)   Susan Willard

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Monday Spot (20 March 2017)

What a different day it was on Saturday with the Konverse Dance Academy workshops and showcase.   If we can,  we will put some photos on the website later and a link to videos of the performance.

Yesterday’s meetings were led by Major Nigel Schultz in the morning with the theme ‘What is the Law?’ and in the afternoon for ‘Songs around the Piano’.   We supported in prayer our young people who were at Youth Councils.

Nigel Schultz  Major Nigel Schultz

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Sunday meetings 19 March

This Sunday the meetings are at 10.00 am and 4.00 pm led by Major Nigel Schultz (morning) and joined by Major Judy in the afternoon.

Judy & Nigel Schultz (Medium)   Majors Nigel & Judy Schultz

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The Suffering Church – Spiral News April 2017

Please take time to read and pray:


Persecution, whether from religious fundamentalists or paranoid governments, show no signs or prospect of abating in the years ahead. Indeed while the current trend to nationalism continues to gain ground in many counties, it is only likely to increase. Continue reading

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Ladies Fellowship Quiz Night

img_1738 img_1739     img_1737    img_1736

Just a few pictures of the evening quizzing.  Must remember to make it a bit easier next time as Judy could only answer two!  I don’t think she tried very hard – too busy watching Pat and Joan.  The winners.

Pat gave the epilogue reminding us of the areas of the world where women are not able to fulfil their potential and need to be ‘redefined’ – the Salvation Army’s Helping Hand project this year.

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Come to a concert and support Tweenagers


Get your tickets now by clicking on this link

For more information about the Tweenagers Project, click here

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Monday Spot (13 March 2017)

Yesterday’s meetings were led by Major Nigel Schultz (Morning) & Majors Nigel & Judith Schultz (Evening).  The morning meeting included the commissioning of local officers and section members.

Judy & Nigel Schultz (Medium)  Majors Nigel & Judith Schultz Continue reading

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Sunday meetings (12 March 2017)

The meetings this Sunday will be led by Major Nigel Schultz at 10.00 am ‘The Hill Start’ and by Majors Nigel and Judith Schultz at 6 pm Children’s Sunday, ‘Walking with God’s Children’.

Judy & Nigel Schultz (Medium)  Majors Nigel & Judith Schultz

Please come if you can.  You will be most welcome.  Here’s where we are:

map general (Medium)   map location (Medium)

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It’s not too late to start saving your change to donate to the Tweenagers Project for the Matumaini School in Tanzania.

During the morning meeting on 23 April there will be opportunity given for you to bring back your box of change.

Click on this link for more information about the Tweenagers exciting project.

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International Women’s Day 8 March 2017


The Salvation Army supports International Women’s Day with the Helping Hand Appeal.

For some women, the way they are treated and defined is determined only by their gender. As a result, one in three women or girls will experience violence in their lifetime simply because they are female.

Yet no person can be defined in one word.

Limiting the way women and girls are defined also limits the opportunities they are given, restricts the rights they are afforded and affects the way they are treated.

Click on this link for more information.

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Monday Spot (6 March 2017)

If you wanted to hear stories of how the Salvation Army is working in Ghana, the Bahamas, Pakistan and India then this was the place to be, at Chatham.  Majors Estelle & Peter Clack (R) and Major G Scott (R) led the meetings and all have great experience of missionary work for the Salvation Army.

peter-estelle-george-scott  Majors Estelle & Peter Clack and George Scott

SA Song 359 ‘Eternal God, our song we raise’ was the opening song prior to a video from Ghana (where Major Nigel Schultz has served) and a story from the Bahamas from Peter (where Peter and Estelle have served).  We read SA Song 938 ‘We have caught the vision splendid’ and prayed for partners in mission:  Ghana, Finland, Mozambique, South America E & Pakistan.   SA Song 930 ‘Tell them in the east and in the west’ was relevant to the next two stories from Pakistan and India spoken from life experiences of Estelle, Peter and George.   The Singing Company ministered by singing ‘Words of Prayer’.   Scripture was taken from 2 Corinthians 5:17-6:10.   The Songsters’ ministry was the song ‘Give me Jesus’.

Major George Scott gave the message and said that when he was in India he received money from International Headquarters to carry on the work there.  Things began to get a bit difficult around the turn of the century. Income was decreasing and expenditure was increasing.  Money from charities such as Oxfam and others would provide funds for people receiving a service but did not allow any of the money to be spent on Salvation Army administration and development.  This was when Partners in Mission came into being and was underpinned by the fact that we are partners in mission with God, in His mission.  Even the poorest countries give money and personnel to develop God’s mission around the world.   We bring our prayers to fruition by seeking to be the living, loving person that Jesus was.   God is at work within us giving us the power to do his work.   People scoffed at William Carey when he went on missionary work but he went as God’s partner in His mission and went to succeed.  God has given us minds as well as hearts to be partners in the mission of bringing back the world to God.  Partners in Mission this year covers some of the countries where the Salvation Army operates.  It makes it easier for us to pray specifically when we see films of what work is being done.  We need to keep praying until we understand what God’s will is.  We should feel the pain of people who have no hope.  It may be that spending time with a refugee family is more valuable than sending money abroad.  Working together with Partners in Mission enables us to know what genuine needs there are and be able to use our intelligence to provide the help needed.   All Corps officers and soldiers can give in the Altar Service but instead of thinking of this superficially we are urged to be serious in our partnership working.

The gifts were brought during the altar service followed by a prayer by Major Nigel Schultz.   SA Songs 936 ‘Wanted hearts baptized with fire’ and SA Song 933 ‘The World for God’ concluded the meeting.

The evening meeting continued in the missionary theme and commenced with SA Song 937 ‘We are witnesses for Jesus’ and the reading of Psalm 145 by Major Estelle who then told of some work with the refugees in Pakistan. Major Peter told the story of the Brick Kilns in Pakistan and his and Estelle’s work in influencing how the altar service money we gave went to help rescue young boys from slavery.  The prayer song SA Song 755 ‘God of comfort and compassion’ led into prayers for five partners in mission.   The Band ministry was ‘Breathe on me breath of God’.  Major George told about the effects of leprosy on sufferers and how tendons can be redirected through surgery to enable joint movement but the lack of sensation cannot be restored. Extensive work was done by the Salvation Army at Nagercoil to enable leprosy sufferers to move their fingers and learn a trade by the development of a vocational training centre.  Scripture chosen was Ephesians 3:20 – 4:7 & 11-16.  The Songsters ministered by singing ‘Shine on us’.  SA Song 10 ‘Do you sometimes feel’ was sung and Major George gave the message.

He said that Paul likened the church to a body with many parts and functions.  He doesn’t mention nerves but the brain links through the spinal cord to all parts of the body.  If the body of Christ suffers from the symptoms of leprosy then the pain of the body is not felt by the parts.  Hence the need for us to feel the pain and hurt of people.  Jesus even in his most difficult time was feeling the pain of his countrymen.   Leprosy is very difficult to catch.  80% of leprosy patients are men and this could be that they, when young, are more valued than girls/women and the mothers hugged them closely.  The girls/women were often unwanted.  No-one, whatever disease they have, should be unwanted and cast aside.  We as Christians suffer from the bacillus infection of sin.  We can become desensitised if we are blinded to the sin around us.  Unless our worship enables us to see Christ in the hungry and worthless it is nothing but an exercise.  How much do we feel for the world out there?  If we don’t feel compassion for members of our society then they will not feel the love of Christ through the church.  It might be that Jesus says ‘I am suffering in my mind because I cannot suffer through the body as they have lost compassion’.  Major George ended his message by reading the poem ‘Indifference’ by GA Studdert Kennedy.

The altar service gave opportunity for people to bring their self denial gifts and SA Song 742 ‘When shall I come unto the healing waters’ was relevant to this.   SA Song 932 ‘The Lord’s command to go into the world’ brought the meeting to a close.

Thank you for logging onto our website.  Have a blessed week.

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420 Buttons sewn on the pencil cases!!!

Successful morning session for the Tweenagers when we sewed 420 buttons onto 210 pencil cases which they are taking with them to the Matumaini School.  Great fun.  We did so well we are not needed on Friday 31st.  Here are a few pictures: Continue reading

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